Cyber Security

At Exceptional, we employ a comprehensive approach to Cyber Security, considering all facets of a client organization in the formation of an information assurance strategy. We maintain internal Centers-of-Excellence, each of which is specifically focused on Information Assurance and Vulnerability Assessment, with our professionals staying current on new threats, vulnerabilities, tools, and best practices in their respective fields. Our skilled team of certified information security professionals (e.g., CISSP/SSCP, GIAC) work in partnership with client stakeholders to assess all enterprise exposure surfaces, whether infrastructure or policies and procedures, and advance a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding information from loss or exposure.

Geographic Information Systems

Exceptional offers more than a decade of experience as a prime contractor on GIS programs for the Federal government. Our partners include: Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), the leading provider of GIS enterprise software; Google Earth Enterprise (GEE), the leader in 3D geospatial visualization technologies; Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), a creator of innovative software for air, land, sea, and space analysis; and Boundless, whose OpenGeo Suite is a versatile Open Source geospatial stack for enterprise solutions.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) offers a holistic approach to implementing best practices and standards in organizing, documenting, managing and automating end-to-end business processes. The outcomes include streamlined communication, improved collaboration, automation of business processes, increased efficiency, and error reduction. Exceptional’s solutions often integrate key vendor relationships and state-of-the-practice tools allowing us to solve our clients most complex problems. We integrate BPM components with other workplace tools, including Enterprise Web Portals, collaboration tools and content management systems giving our clients an all-inclusive solution.


Exceptional has invested significant resources to develop technical skills in integrating multiple sets of diverse software applications, including both COTS Products and client developed applications and interfaces. This ability is threaded throughout our other solutions. We use technologies like data visualization, web site integration automation, web services, and widget development to integrate multiple, disparate information sources into a cohesive user interface.

Software Innovation Lab

During this past year, ESS has invested in a new Software Innovation Lab where we are exploring and prototyping exciting new technologies, primarily in the areas of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and 3D Geospatial application development. The Software Innovation Lab is an incubator for emerging technologies that the U.S. Federal government would like to take advantage of and will be used to get new software technologies into the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) accreditation process.

DLT Technologies

ESS’s corporate vision has expanded in the past year to include Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), including blockchain-backed solutions and customized dapp design, development, and implementation. We are leveraging our extensive software engineering and development experience to bring highly-secure, distributed solutions to our IC customers. Web 3 and next generation cybersecurity is here and backed by the blockchain – ESS is leading the way in modernizing government IT infrastructure for the future.