Composite Applications

Composite Applications

Exceptional has invested significant resources to develop technical skills in integrating multiple sets of diverse software applications, including both COTS Products and client developed applications and interfaces. 

This ability is threaded throughout our other solutions. We use technologies like data visualization, web site integration automation, web services, and widget development to integrate multiple, disparate information sources into a cohesive user interface.

Examples of our success in this area follow:

  • On a world-wide Enterprise Portal application we developed a sophisticated query tool that reached across several sources of data to provide users one consistent view.
  • We developed REST-based web services for a Cyber defense analysis system that allowed structured user interface and ad-hoc access to various data sources.
  • We employed a web site integration product to automate data ingest of several web sites into a single query tool to allow for quicker access and deeper analysis capabilities for users.

This short summary highlights the technical success we have had since 1996. If you are interested in applying these capabilities through a partnership with Exceptional, reach out to us today.

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