Labor Category OR Career Path???

Do you know what your current Labor Category is and the requirements for it?If so, great but since the labor category for your current position may not be the same for a similar position on a different contract, we want you to have a career path that maps out the levels to advance your career and give you opportunities for growth outside of your labor category.

We are in the process of creating distinct job profiles and career mapping to show you how ESS is helping to advance your career by leveraging the SME’s in our organization to refine the current job profiles and create building blocks specific to years of experience and position requirements.To define each job, we have a progression with definitions and requirements so that even if you stay atyour current LCAT on the program, you can advance within ESS according to the structure we now have in place.For example, if you take the Software Engineer position, the progression would look like this: Jr. SWE, SWE, SR. SWE, Prin. SWE, Fellow, Technical Director.Each one of the progressions builds with years of experience, skills and abilities and certifications so you know what is expected to reach the next level within the company.

We are still working on the remaining profiles: Web Developer, Network Engineer, Information Assurance Engineer, and Tech WriterWe will be launching the Career Path Job Profiles later this month.For more information, please contact HR or your Section Manager. Skill Soft/ESS University: Your SM will be working with you come performance review time to map out any courses that are available in Skillsoft to help advance your career path.SkillSoft contains CompTia certified courses and test prep material to help prepare for taking the exams.