We are still receiving wonderful referrals!! They are great candidates and truly appreciate you sending the resumes over for consideration! There is a highlighted position that is being promoted for a certain timeframe that will be awarded a $7,500 referral bonus!  

Highlighted position: Application Engineer with the experience with Linux systems administration, Docker, Bash scripting, Python, and proficiency in at least 4 of the following — NiFi, Nginx, Nagios, Ansible, Openstack, RabbitMQ, Rsyslog, OpenLDAP, tmux, MySQL. Familiarity with Kubernetes, Java, and Go programming desirable. 

All other referrals will remain at $5,000 to be paid out split in 2 equal payments.  

We have some different needs this month, but along with some of the same: 

  • Developers with AWS, Hadoop, or cloudbase experience 
  • Big Data Engineers  
  • Software Developers – JAVA Developers, Angular, CSS, and Python (If you can program with it, we need it!)  
  • Web Developers Front End UI, middle or back end as well  
  • CNO Analyst Engineers with strong Python skills  
  • Immediate need for anyone cleared with recent development in C++ experience  

If you need more details or if something looks interesting to you, please do not hesitate contact Recruiting at recruiting@exceptionalsoftware.com or call 410-694-0240 ext 1826