Some people think that Business Development (BD) is an island unto itself, but it is far from that.   Last month we talked about how every ESS employee can have an impact on BD by just talking with your “neighbors” on the job site.    

BD also gets into the art of the possible with up and coming technologies.  As an example, we have been investigating blockchain technology and its applications for our customers, and recently we met a company at a BD meeting that touted blockchain technology for Identity Management. We never know exactly what we will find in these types of meetings, but it invariably helps us connect the dots leading eventually to a partnership.    

When we partner with a technology company we are often given the opportunity to learn about their technology.  This can sometimes include a 90-day trial of the product.  When this occurs, we have the opportunity to do some prototyping to learn more about the technology and try to solve a potential hard problem for our customer.  These are great opportunities for you and your career.  If you are interested in checking out new technologies, let us know.   

Also, remember that we do have a great incentive package in place that allows you to benefit from any growth opportunities you help us find and explore!