Skillsoft: ESS University

We are in the process of having Skillsoft update their platform and will be providing the new information to you very shortly. This new platform will allow us to use Skillsoft in a much more effective way to track training and reports about the employee usage. Additionally, we will now have books 24/7 reinstated as well as improved test exam prep. We are excited to bring the new and improved Skillsoft to you in the near future!

New Section Managers

As you know, each employee is assigned an SM and we have just added three more! Each of your new SM’s bring experience in managing the care of employees to the team and we look forward to their contributions and appreciate their important work in this position. Each SM will be reaching out to each employee assigned to them to have a conversation about their goals and aligning them with the company’s goals. Your SM is the point of contact for any company communication regarding your current position along with HR and your PM or team lead. Please let us know if you have any questions about the SM role and responsibilities.